Old Treatments

Prenatal Massage

A deeply therapeutic treatment tailored specifically to alleviate the physical discomforts of pregnancy. Appropriate during every trimester, massage can diminish muscular and joint discomfort, improve circulation, promote relaxation and help soften the muscles of the pelvis in preparation for birth. This treatment is most beneficial when utilized as a regular part of your prenatal care, as each session furnishes space for you to connect with your changing body and your baby. Special care is taken to provide optimal comfort, with appropriate cushioning in both side-lying and supine positions.

Postnatal Massage

A restorative treatment that addresses the specific discomforts of the post-birth body and the physical and emotional strains of caring for a newborn. This treatment relieves muscle tension and soreness, promotes relaxation, aids in recovery and can be an effective component in managing postpartum depression. After vaginal delivery, massage can be received as soon as 24 hours after birth. With cesareans, please obtain clearance from your primary health practitioner before receiving massage.


This integrative massage will manipulate and relax the soft body tissue, reducing muscle tension, enhancing circulation and calming the nervous system, leading to improved sleep and an overall sense of wellness. This treatment is suggested within a regular program for stress management.

Deep Tissue

This focused massage targets deeper musculature and connective tissue, releasing chronic patterns of tension and imbalance in the body, resulting in pain relief, increased mobility, and improved posture.  Recipients can actively participate throughout the session by breathing deeply during moments of discomfort and offering feedback regarding pressure. Please note that some soreness may result after the treatment.